Hey everyone,

I finally got around to re-assembly of my spare EJ20R. It's turned out really nice so far, and I'm getting ready to (hopefully) have it in the car by the end of September.

After a complete teardown and inspection, I sent the heads and crankcase to Terry at T&K Heads here in Fort McMurray. He did a full blueprinting on the heads, honed the cylinders and powder-coated and clear-coated the whole works.
Heads back from Terry.jpgCase.jpgBores.jpg

While he had those I ordered up a new set of rods/pistons from Manley and new ARP head-studs.

I opted for Manley as they seemed to be pretty good value and offered some nice features like offset wristpins to better apply torque to the crank on the power-stroke, not to mention limit piston slap when cold. Their standard H-Beam rods are forged and heat-treated too. Pistons came with Sealed-Power rings.

Once everything came back from the machinists I got to work on assembly, starting with test-fitting for clearance all of the new bearings to the crank.

After verifying everything fit nicely it was bolted to spec.

Then the pistons went in.

Followed by installing the new studs and bolting down the heads.

Since then I've bought new 750cc injectors and am in talks with Phil from Nemesis EMS to do a plug'n'play standalone ECU to pair with an AEM Wideband O2 sensor and gauge. Also I've painted the intake manifold and external coolant passage VHT Wrinkle Red. (Pics coming soon).

I'll post later when it's all together and ready for install.