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    Hi Everyone,

    Not sure if I should be posting in Skyline section or General is good, sorry if in wrong section. I am gathering all of the required info to import an R32 GTS-T. I live in Canada, Quebec. I am in talks with an importer which they can get me one for around 12-18k either coupe or 4-door. I have a few questions regarding maintenance and part import.

    I am not wanting to do big mods to it, a few bolt-ons like intake, coilovers or lowering coils, exhaust, blow off (HKS) and some wheels. Where would I look for these? I am new to the Skyline/JDM market and this is my dream car so I am unsure of where to look for these asides the WTB forums sections, I know there are some JDM part importers butnot sure which ones are good.

    Also, I will be looking for a GTR style hood/grill and maybe front bumper. I really like the grill from the GTR. I've seen some GTS-Ts with it and a mix of different bumpers. Would this be hard/expensive to find/do?

    For regular maintenance stuff, where should I look? Rotors, Pads, Oil filters etc...

    Thanks a lot.

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    wow, so glad to hear

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    Nice did you ever get this R32 and are you sure it is legal in Quebec as I thought they banned all JDMs or is it now 25-years +?

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