My experience with be-forward Japan turned to be a nightmare, They sold us a Junk vehicle..
We bought a Honda Stepwagon year 2010 chassis no. DBA RK1- 1022494 from them however before purchasing the car and transferring funds to them, we emailed them inquiring to know the general mechanical condition of the vehicle, they responded by assuring us that vehicle was in very good working condition, the engine and gearbox works perfectly and nothing requires replacement or repairs. Having received their assurance we proceeded by remitting funds into their account.
From there, we started experiencing some difficulties with their communication relating to loading the vehicle which was delayed in Japan.
Finally when the vehicle arrived at mombasa port we noticed the 'check engine light' was continuously 'On' and the engine starter motor was defective. We brought a mechanic in the port who checked the engine oil, oil pressure gauge and solenoid switch but since mechanical checks could not resolve the issue of the check engine light We immediately emailed beforward informing them the issue of check engine light and also sent them photos of the vehicle dash board which clearly showed the light On. They responded claiming as far as they are concerned the vehicle was loaded on the vessel without the check engine light coming On the dashboard. In short this was there way in absolving themselves of vehicle repair responsibility.
Considering there response, We fail to understand how could the vehicle be loaded on the vessel in Japan with the check engine light was Off as Beforward claims to be the case, then vehicle arrives at destination in mombasa port with check engine light On ?? the only possibility this could happen is if you could be crazy minded to ever imagine the vessels crew used the vehicle inside the vessel all along while vehicle was intransit from Japan to mombasa port, ofcourse this thought is beyond imagination, the truth of the matter is Beforward were aware of the engine fault but still went ahead and sold us a defective vehicle.
The vehicle was later diagnosed by different mechanics who recommended replacement of VTEC Selonoid and oil pressure switch which is unavailable in Kenya and had to be ordered from Dubai at a cost of US$. 295. unfortunately even after replacing the selonoid switch the check engine light continued appearing on the vehicle dash board.
Finally we sent the vehicle to the Honda appointed agents in Kenya for repairs, who issued a diagnosis report of the vehicle and recommended replacement of complete engine with a used engine (CIF cost of used engine US$. 1950) this is because the local agents in Kenya do not stock spares for Honda Stepwagon vehicles which is a vehicle model specifically meant for Asian countries,
Having exhausted all means available to us to repair the vehicle engine fault and failed we find ourselves left with a useless vehicle that has turned into a nightmare to us and best described as a JUNK, Loss: $2400.