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    Hello all! firstly I would like to thank this forum for giving me the information that I need that have guided me to pick, narrow down and choose my exporter. as the title of my post suggest, this is for Mark and the rest of the Brave auto staff.

    History: it all started when I was window shopping for a car on the internet here in Finland and I came across a very cheap, removed from the register 1998 Galant VR4, I arranged a meeting with the seller and I tried the car for some faults that I can try to negotiate during that time, I have enough money to buy one but I got myself thinking, what if I just import a car straight from Japan. I stumbled upon websites ie, at first it was tempting because the value of the cars + shipping to me is very cheap but something in my mind kept bugging me so I started to research about importing cars, I started contacting local importers here but it turned me off because of the service charge that they are asking, as I got more info I stumbled on this site and I remember one post where all the good and trusted importers were listed and I found Brave auto reviews and so far it was Excellent reviews.

    While having my vacation in Spain in the summer of 2019, I contacted Mark but the problem is I sent the half of the service fee that is required by Brave auto first and tried to contact mark but due to my bad luck, Japan was on a 1 week vacation and so was Brave auto was closed, after the vacation week Mark contacted me confirming that he had received the the downpayment, and Mark immediately went to work with what specific car that I would want and I told him that I want a Toyota Aristo V300 Vertex Edition, and within that week I found cars that of my taste but there is one that got stuck on me and the auction will end on the next day, I told Mark to bet on the Aristo that I liked and so he did and we won it via negotiation. after a week Mark sent me a link to a cloud server that contained Photos of the car and also contains accurate information on the faults on the car.

    Service: This is 5 out 5, very good service even though I bombard Mark with so many questions and emails. Mark has been patient.

    Logistics: this is a 2 part, 1 is for the documents and the other is for the car

    with the documents, Mark sent them to me and informed me about it. the problem was the courier in Finland, they just got off from a 3 week strike so the system is still a bit resetting. I have to ask Mark about the tracking number if it has because I was already getting giddy because it might get sent back to Japan but I got everything sorted out, turns out that the delivery man did not leave any notice of arrival on my doorstep nor they bothered to sent the notifications through sms.

    with regards with the car, logistics with the car was smooth, the shipping company handled the car very well though they forced one of the side mirrors to close that's why when I tried to fold the mirrors using the button, only one folded and the other one was broken but in any ways I will have it sorted once the weather in Finland improved.

    Overall: Overall I am very satisfied with the service that Mark and the rest of the staff of Brave Auto. ask me if I recommend Mark, my answer would be ABSOLUTELY YES.

    I will post photos of my purchase when the weather here has improved since we are experiencing 4 seasons in 1 day here in Finland.
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